Filipino Fighting Arts

"I fear and bow to no one, except to my people." Datu Lapu Lapu

     Pakamut Eagle Rock/Los Angeles

Our goal is to spread and educate the people about the Philippine Culture and to expose the effectiveness,simplicity and realism of the Filipino Fighting arts.

Our group practice The Pakamut System from the Island of Cebu, which involves:

Impact weapons such as single sticks, and double sticks.

Bladed weapons such as; Pinuti (Filipino Swords), Knives, Daggers, Balisongs (Butterfly Knives) and Karambits.

Empty Hand section in the art is called Suntukan (Filipino Boxing). Suntukan is known to be the "Dirty"Boxing in martial arts. Suntukan is a street based, survival fighting techniques that are not designed for sports. Suntukan involves not only punches and kicks. It also includes hammer fists (Similar to stick striking), limb destructions, elbows, knees, groin kicks, "dumog" (Filipino Wrestling and grappling), joint manipulation and joint breaking that is applicable for self defense situations

For competitors, we schedule a private/small group training session once or twice during the week. 


We train every weekend from 9am to 11am 


We also participate at any local, national and world tournament stick, blade and empty hand fighting. 


     1840 Yosemite Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90041







From top left to right: RJ Tan, Rowena Chan, Elizabeth Chan, Edwin Abo and Kris Paragas

Karlo Paragas, Jared Ejigu, and Stephan Castro.

Was taken, Saturday August 22, 2009 after a hard day of sparring session!

Left to right (Kneeling):Judy Ann,Darlene,Jason Roa,RJ,Edwin,Rowena

Left to right (Standing):Mark,Jay,Mike,Kris,GM Felix,Mike Ecdao,Stephan Castro

Left to right (Back):Jason Stanley,Jared,Dylan

 February 2,2010 Getting ready for 2010 WEKAF Nationals

From left to right:Stephan,Mike,Jason,Edwin,Kris,Boochi,Mike Ecdao,Darlene,Jared,RJ,Allan and Jay




                   Team Pakamut brought home 3 golds!

Congratulations to Guro Jason Stanley, Michael Ecdao (Pakamut San Jose), Jared Ejigu and Darlene Guerrero (Pakamut San Jose) for bring home the gold medal from 2010 WEKAF World Championship in Puerto Vallarta,Mexico.And for having them try out and taste our food combinations!We are all so proud of you!2012 Cebu, Philippines, here we come!



          Team Pakamut:2010 WEKAF National Champion!

Team Pakamut again, dominated the 2010 WEKAF National Championship held at Fremont,CA against rivals from the western,central and eastern region United States. World Champioship/Mexico, here we come!!!!

Mike Ecdao (Pakamut San Jose)-Senior Super Heavyweight 3rd Place

Darlene Guerrero (Pakamut San Jose)-Women's Welterweight 1st Place,Women's Heavyweight 2nd Place

Edwin Abo-Senior Heavyweight 3rd Place

RJ Tan-Featherweight 1st Place

Stephan Castro-Super Featherweight 1st Place 

Jared Ejigu-Middleweight 1st Place 

Kris Paragas-Welterweight 1st Place 

Jason Stanley-Light Cruiserweight 3rd Place, Double Stick 2nd Place 

Jason Roa-National Qualified

Jay Sesante (Pakamut San Jose)

Mark Guillermo




                          Congrats Guro Jason Stanley

 We would like to congratulate and officially announce Guro Jason Stanley from Lake Elsinore/Riverside area! Welcome to the family bro and you can now offically carry our beloved system with pride and honor!You deserved it bro!Keep up the good work!We also like to thank John Preston,Tom and Carlo for coming and supporting!



                               Go Team Pakamut!!!

Team Pakamut brought home the gold and silver medals from the Western Regional WEKAF tournament 2009.

The team was led by Grand Master Felix Roiles assited by Master Allan Santos and Guro Angel Ecdao from San Jose/Bay Area,CA

Stephan Castro- Gold:Super Featherweight

RJ Tan- Gold:Featherweight

Jared Ejigu-Gold:Middleweight

Jason Stanley- Silver:Super Middleweight and Gold for double stick

Rowena Chan-Bronze: Womens single stick division

Edwin Abo-Silver: Mens Heavyweight

Kris Paragas-Gold:Welterweight

Team Pakamut:Bronze in team sparring

Keep it up!Nationals,here we come! Fremont,CA March 19,2010

Thanks for the support to our family and friends that came!



       Pakamut Northern California Chapter

Guro Angel Ecdao

San Jose/Bay Area, California


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